Learning all aspects of team roping including riding, and swinging and handling of the rope.  All runs are occurring in the 3rd/ 3rd of the arena. Averaging one clean catch out of 10 runs


Has trouble controlling a horse and a rope both separately and together.  Very little to no competition experience. Runs still occurring in the 3rd/ 3rd of the arena. Averaging 2 clean catches out of 10 steers.


Beginning to compete more frequently.  Gaining more confidence and control with both a horse and a rope.  Lack of skills/ability leads to mistakes resulting in inconsistency in both heading and heeling.  Heading= runs still average in the 3rd/ 3rd of the arena.  Heeling= on average doubling and dallying 3 out of 10 runs in a controlled situation, but not smoothly and in complete control. Struggles immensely with handles that are not in complete control.


Increased rope handling and horsemanship, resulting in more consistent and clean catches. Heading= Beginning to catch more steers, but handles are still inconsistent. Runs begin to average in the 2nd/ 3rd of the arena. Producing runs 8.1 seconds or longer when roping with a higher number partner.  Heeling= Beginning to double more steers but still in consistent and not in complete control. Timing is still inconsistent taking several more hops to get in time. Times averaging over 9.1 seconds.


Rope handling and Horsemanship continues to increase. Starting to catch at least half of your total number of runs, but not necessarily in complete control.  Heading= Consistently catching steers in the 2nd/ 3rd of the arena Times/catches begin to average in the 7.1 – 8 seconds area in the arena.  Heeling= Starting to show more consistency in timing, control in the corner, and doubling/dallying on runs.  With still a lack of skills, roper has a tendency to make mistakes causing times of the run to be longer. Times begin to average 9 seconds of faster.


Showing a lot more control with the horse and the rope. Consistency and aggressiveness is becoming a lot easier.  Catching over the majority steers during all the runs.  Heading= Easily catching steers in the 2nd/ 3rd of the arena. Handling steers better, making them easier to heel.  Runs start averaging/ cattle begin to be caught in an area of the arena where times could be 7 seconds or faster with a higher number heeler.  Heeling= Handling and control of the horse and the rope is becoming more natural. Timing is starting to come quicker and easier, catching/doubling the majority of your runs. Still showing some inconsistency and lack of smoothness.  Runs average 7.1 seconds or longer.


Majority of runs showing control and aggressiveness. Having almost “Pro” like control of the horse and the rope.  Occasionally competes in Open events. Heading= Runs begin to consistently average in the 1st/ 3rd of the arena.  Has enough control/aggressiveness/ability to “reach” at cattle giving him the ability to speed up runs. Times begin to average 5.1 seconds and longer.  Heeling= Showing more consistency and aggressiveness in doubling and dallying on the majority on runs. Times begin to average 6.1-7seconds.  Still can take several hops to get steers doubled if the handle is not “ideal”.


All runs showing “Pro” like control and aggressiveness with the rope and the horse.  Frequently competes in Open events.  Heading= All runs averaging in the 1st/ 3rd of the arena.  Ability allows roper to reach on all runs consistently with complete control, therefore dictating the speed and control of the run.  Times begin to average in the 4.1-5 second range with a heeler of equal or greater classification.  Heeling= Ability and control of the rope and the horse allows the roper to double steers quicker and dally smoothly without any “bobbles” or mistakes, giving the ability to speed up runs.  Times average between 5-6 seconds, ropes with in the first couple of hops even when the handles are not “ideal” or in complete control.


Professional ability with the rope and the horse.  Can rope all types of cattle in a time that will place/win in any and all conditions. Regularly competes in Open events with the ability to rope for a living.  Heading= Has complete control of the rope and the horse. Agressively catching all cattle/ making runs in the upper (closer to boxes) 1st/ 3rd of the arena. Times can be faster with an equal caliber heeler.  Heeling= Rides down the arena and thru the corner aggresivley.  Routinely roping all steers by two feet on the first or second hop, mistake free, smoothly and easily dallying.  Skills with the horse and the rope gives the roper the ability to speed up and shut down/stop the clock quicker.  Times average between 4-5 seconds and can be faster. Their ability and speed of roping not easily effected by the handle.